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How long your roof will last is determined by its installation.

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Our Story
Our company values revolve around going the extra mile for our clients and doing things the right way. We do this by only focusing on residential roof repairs & replacements. Over the years, ProRoofing has been trusted by some of the largest building supply centre such as Kent & Home Depot to install roofs for their customers. Today, we continue to serve the Greater Moncton area residents as well as the surrounding communities.
Pro Roofing was created almost a decade ago to solve one big problem in the residential renovation industry. Too often, we noticed poorly installed roofs at the expense of homeowners. Our goal was to create a roofing company people could count on to repair and replace their roofs the right way. We don’t cut corners. We add layers of extra protection to increase the durability of your roof.
Our Promise

Top Quality Products

We use some of the best roofing materials available on the market. Our materials are made to last in our harsh Atlantic Canadian climate.


All done to code

From start to finish, our roof repairs & installations are done 100% up to code. This means a safer, and more durable roof installation.


Factory Specs

Our roofs are installed to meet factory installation specifications. We add all recommended layers of roof protection on top of the standard installation.


Lifetime Warranty

Since our roofs are installed according to factory standards, our select roofing products are guaranteed for 30 years.



ProRoofing has been in the business for almost a decade now. Our roofers are seasoned professionals who understand every detail of roof repair & installation.

How long your roof will last is determined by its installation.


25-year workmanship warranty

Roof Repairs

Regular wear & tear, the elements & poor installation can cause your roof to be damaged. Your roof is your home’s last line of defence. It is crucial to spot damages at an early stage so our team of professionals can take action right away.


Roof Replacements

A long-lasting roof is less about the materials used and more about the installation itself. Our team of professional roofers follow industry-leading systems during each replacement. Each shingle is precisely installed so your roof lasts longer than ever.



What Our Roofing Estimates Include:
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  2. Friendly hello
  3. Thorough roof check
  4. Products & pricing
  5. Timelines
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