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DIY is the way to go for a lot of things. In a lot of cases, it can save you money, and gives you a great sense of accomplishment! That being said, there are some things that should be left to the professionals, and roofing is one of them. A difficult task from beginning to end, replacing or repairing a roof is a task that carries heavy responsibility and huge consequences.

While your initial thought may be that by doing it yourself you’ll be saving money, there are more factors to consider in your budget than just cost of labour. By getting your roof repaired or replaced by a professional, you’re guaranteeing that the job is done right, and done once, and also you’ll likely be saving on materials as your contractor will be getting wholesale pricing.

Unfortunately, DIY projects also tend to run long. While this isn’t a big deal when it comes to something like painting your rec room, or changing cupboard doors, time becomes more important when you’re working on your roof. The learning curve of roofing is steep, not to mention a low margin for error, so to save yourself time headaches, leave the job to a professional.

Working on a roof is dangerous. There are no two ways about that. That danger multiplies with inexperience so leaving the work to someone who understands how to move and behave on a roof, and has the right tools and safety equipment to get the job done is always your best plan of action.

Here at Pro Roofing we are strong believers in self-sufficiency. We know that there are few things better than the feeling of accomplishment when you do something for yourself. We also understand that there’s a time to leave a job to a professional. Do you need your roof repaired or replaced? Let us know. We’ve got you covered.

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