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There are few things scarier as a homeowner than a leaking roof. The feeling of helplessness as water pools in your ceiling and drips down onto your bed, soaking that brand new comforter set with dirt and grime. Don’t fear. Pro Roofing can help you. If you find a leak, give us a call. In the meantime, here are the reasons why your roof might be leaking.
Cracked Flashing: Under your shingles, and on the joints of your roof are thin strips of metal that create a water-resistant barrier. Roofers often use tar to seal flashing together, which can corrode over time. If this happens and isn’t fixed, the flashing can become exposed, and water may seep into your roof and cause a leak.
Broken Shingles: Shingles are the first layer between the outside world and the inside of your room. Keep an eye skyward from time to time to keep an eye out for missing or broken shingles. Odd colored patches on your roof are an easy sign, as well as finding shingles in your yard or near your home after a heavy storm.

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Unsealed Valleys: A roof, much like life, has peaks and valleys. If the valleys of your roof aren’t sealed, a leak can happen. Since valleys are usually angled downwards, water tends to gather there while it makes its way to your gutters. If the seal is corroded or broken, water can get in.
Ice Dam: The heat from your home rises up to your attic, and eventually to your roof, causing some of the snow and ice to melt even though it’s cold outside. This water runs down to the edge of your roof under the snow where it freezes again. The more often this happens, the bigger a build-up at the edge of your roof. Eventually, this both stops water from escaping your roof and starts to weigh on your roof.

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Clogged Gutters: Your gutter is designed to help water off your roof and away from your home. Sometimes things get caught in there: leaves, branches, that tennis ball your son threw up on the roof; and can cause a blockage. Rainwater or melted snow and ice starts to pool, giving it more opportunity to seep through any cracks in your roof.
Over time, you may run into a roof leak. With proper care and maintenance from a roofing professional, you should be able to avoid it. That being said, if it does happen, reach out to a professional. Roof repair is dangerous, and what seems like an easy fix can cause many problems down the road.

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